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High-End & Luxury Ecommerce Stores Need Their Own Approach: Introducing the High-End Conversion Engine

Ask any accessory aficionado: Is a $100 bag the same as a $2300 bag? The “NO!” you’ll hear might deafen you. High-end and luxury brands understand that someone buying a $100 bag doesn’t have the same motivations — and isn’t necessarily even the same type of buyer — as someone buying a $2300 bag. The

Here’s How to Get Consistent Results From Your CRO Efforts (Hint: A/B Testing Is Not the Answer)

Free Guide: Download the free guide that walks you through exactly how to use the strategy from this post (step-by-step). Do you equate conversion optimization with A/B testing? Or is A/B testing your main strategy for increasing conversions? If you answered yes to either of those questions, I’m ready to bet the results of your

5 Validity Threats That Will Make Your A/B Tests Useless

A/B testing may seem straightforward, but the truth is that there are a lot of “little-known” factors that can shift how your tests perform. After you’ve done your pre-test research, formulated a hypothesis and have a good idea of which test variations to create to maximize your chances of producing a winning test, it’s easy

Paid Traffic vs CRO: Which One Should You Focus On Right Now?

Your ecommerce revenues are growing. Your paid ads, from Facebook to AdWords, are performing better and better. Cost per acquisition is dropping, revenues are climbing, and your PPC specialist is wearing a satisfied smirk to work most days. You know that the more you invest in ads, the more money you’ll make. (If only our

6 Proven Customer Research Methods to Increase Your Ecommerce Conversions

Cha-ching. There’s the sweet (virtual) sound of another ecommerce sale rolling in. You might already be making millions from your ecommerce store. But is your site converting as highly as it should be? Maybe you’ve tried “fixing” your conversion rate without much success. You’ve run split tests that generated inconclusive results… Changed page layout and


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