+240% Increase in Signups for a Software Company By Using the “Voice of Customer”


LogDog is a security app that monitors your online accounts such as Gmail and Facebook for suspicious hacker activity through millions of data points. When a potential hacker is detected trying to use your accounts, LogDog will alert you immediately with custom alerts and recommendations.

The Company

LogDog Conversion Rate Optimization

LogDog is getting significant traffic from their blog posts, many rank #1 in Google. Over time, they signed up over 800,000 users for their app. It sounds impressive, but LogDog still had a challenge converting blog readers and other website visitors into app users.

With so much website traffic, and knowing their users loved their software, the team felt that the website was a heavily leaking funnel, because in the end, very little of that traffic was converting.

They knew they had to try something, and over the next few months, their team implemented a plethora of strategies:

LogDog began to search for agencies and consultants that could help them fix it, and boost conversions and signups
(hint: they hired us) 

Over the past 5 years we’ve developed a unique methodology of combining psychology, quantitative & qualitative research, and A/B testing, for continuous optimization. A key methodology to increase conversions and revenue for SaaS companies

We began our in-depth Conversion Research process with these objectives:

  • Identify the biggest areas of opportunities to capture leads across the website 
  • Analyze user behaviors and expectations, and understand how it correlates to LogDog’s user experience. 
  • Understand LogDog’s core user groups, and find out their needs, doubts and objections. Why people were signing up, and why some were not. 
  • Determine the “Voice of Customer” to increase relevancy of their content, copywriting, landing pages and emails.
  • Find out the biggest friction points that stopped leads from converting into users

We don’t believe in opinions and gut feelings, everything we do is based on experience and data, so naturally, our Conversion Research process had to be the first step.

55% Increase of Email Leads

A/B tests we launched within their lead generation tools increased email leads by 55%

The drip emails increased app signups from their website leads by 240%

Ultimately, email engagement soared: 80% of their email leads who opened LogDog’s drip emails, hit reply and responded to one of the first 6 emails. Many with stories and details about they use the app - incredible insights.

The Challenge

The Solution

The Results

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 “We evaluated 2 other well-known agencies at the time, but SplitBase came across as having hands-on experience, and flexible enough to not only share their expertise, but to listen to our needs and integrate what would be best for us

Omri Toppol

After 3 months of research and A/B testing, with heavy focus on context, visitors’ intent, and emotional triggers combined with kick ass drip email marketing, SplitBase increased LogDog’s conversions by up to 240% 

  • Tried a few things based on gut feelings, and previous knowledge of conversion optimization
  • Browsed digital marketing blogs and sites, tried some of their strategies
  • Spent time on GrowthHackers.com hoping to find the trick they needed 

Yet, it was painful. The needle barely moved and conversion remained low.

LogDog had also created a few lead-generation tools to capture email addresses, and hopefully get people to sign up for the app. But again, with hundreds of people using the lead gen tools every day, only few them were converting into app users.

Omri Toppol

 “I feared that I would get those generic recommendations, “do this, to that”. For example, I didn’t just want to be told “write better copy” - I wanted to know the exact copy I needed right now based on what we have and what we needed to achieve.”

By the end of the analysis we knew exactly WHY users were looking for a security app like LogDog, we knew about their way of thinking… and ultimately, we learned what made them “tick”.

Through the Conversion Research, we generated 64 hypotheses and recommendations. Some to be implemented right away, some to be A/B tested.

 “We got to understand our users like never before… their mindset, how they think”

- Omri Toppol

We knew so many recommendations could be overwhelming; it would be impossible to test and implement every one of them at the same time. Using our SplitScore prioritization methodology, we prioritized all of them based on a dozen factors.

We implemented the most impactful insights, and began A/B testing the top hypotheses. We also created and launched a drip email campaign to send to their email leads.

+240% Signups from Leads

Short answer: By using our Conversion Research Process to truly understand the problems, to diagnose their causes, and finding and testing the solutions.

The 80% response rate and 240% increase from the drip emails happened because of our insights about the customers. We knew the exact “Voice of Customer”, and could write emails users would relate to.

Understanding the context and intent behind why visitors were reading specific blog posts, and how they found out about LogDog, enabled us to shape the content and the user experience of the visitors to match their needs.

LogDog was so impressed by the power of SplitBase’s methodology that they asked our founder, Raphael, to fly to the company’s HQ in Tel Aviv, Israel to give a workshop on how to use the methodology in their day-to-day activities.

How Did We Do That?

 “We saw our conversions go from Ok, to Great! Working with SplitBase was like having the best CRO team at our disposal, as an extension of our team. Without them, we’d still be chasing our own tail, hoping our next move will be the one that works.”

Omri Toppol