Launching early August 2019

Minds of Ecommerce

The podcast where in 15 minutes, founders and executives of million-dollar ecommerce businesses share in detail 1 key growth strategy that was critical for their success. No BS, no fluff. Actionable insights only.

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Some of the upcoming episodes...

How to scale to $40M+ / year in online sales by building strategic social media assets.
Gary Nealon
Gary Nealon
Ex-RTA Cabinet Store
How to utilize user generated content to disarm objections, drive engagement, and build an 8-figure ecommerce brand.
Cathryn Lavery
A step-by-step explanation of the online ad strategy that helped Hint Water become a $100M business.
Nik Sharma - DTC Expert
Nik Sharma
Ex-Hint Water
How Wholesome Culture hit $1M per month in online sales by following the rule of focus.
Audrey Castonguay
Wholesome Culture