Self-Publishing School CRO Case Study

Case Study: A Conversion-Optimized Redesign for Self-Publishing School

The Company

Self-Publishing School is an online education platform that helps first-time authors write and publish their first book to bestseller status in as little as 90 days. Founded by CEO Chandler Bolt, author of 6 best selling books and renowned speaker, the company has quickly become the leading authority in the authoring and self-publishing space.

Conversion Research Blueprint
Analytics Audit
Data-Driven Website Redesign

Through high-end programs, coaching and live events, the company has helped over 4,529+ students go from idea, to published book.

The Task

One of the main goals of Self-Publishing School was to improve the look of their site to increase trust. Many people did not take the company seriously based on the previous website, so it was critical to have a design that conveyed trust, credibility and authority in order to grow sales and reduce concerns.

“We realized at that point that we had a design issue… Ultimately, the design was just very poor, unprofessional, just didn’t showcase how great of a value our products and service actually was. People thought we were a scam. We needed to focus on rebranding the website to ultimately establish trust and to show the real value and leader that is Self-Publishing School.”

Jordan Schumacher, Self-Publishing School

The team at Self-Publishing School did not just want a slick new design either. Sign ups to their programs is what generates revenue, so it was critical to not just design for beauty, but also for conversions.

SPS Mockups

The Execution

Chandler, the company’s CEO, along with the rest of the team, were now on the lookout for a design agency that could tackle the task. They reached out to their networks for referrals and narrowed down a list of 15 to 20 potential agencies. Ultimately, after a few weeks of discussions with the potential agencies, Self-Publishing School made the decision to go with SplitBase due to our data-driven design process.

“Ultimately, what made us decide to go with SplitBase is the process they have. Anytime you talk to a design agency, everyone says that they’re CRO focused and revenue focused. Right… but with a few questions, it’s pretty evident who actually understands CRO, who actually understands analytics-based design, and who’s just saying it to sound trendy.

Jordan Schumacher, Self-Publishing School
The Testing Trifecta Optimization Methodology
SplitBase’s Testing Trifecta Methodology

SplitBase’s superior methodology, previous results, the reasoning that they had, and just their professionalism from stage one, call one, all the way through; just gave us this confidence that we were gonna come out the other side with a product that we were very happy with and that wouldn’t have to be redone. We knew it would be done right the first time”

Jordan Schumacher, Self-Publishing School

Once the project was kicked-off, SplitBase began an intensive quantitative and human-focused research process through its signature Conversion Research Blueprint.

SplitBase surveyed potential and existing customers of the company to identify the most profitable customer personas, their doubts, questions and motivations. SplitBase also did a thorough analysis of customer behaviors, such as browsing patterns and paths to conversion.

Based on insights from the research, SplitBase rewrote some of the website’s copy, built wireframes, and then the final design, where words, design and layout decisions were entirely backed by data.

“It was really eye opening to see how they conducted research of past customers and traffic, and then how they utilized that data and actually integrated it with the design to the point where they were able to say, “Hey, we used this word here based on the feedback we got from the research that we did,” was just eye opening. That was very impressive and it’s not something that I see any other design agencies doing”.

Jordan Schumacher, Self-Publishing School

The Results

Once the design process was complete, Self-Publishing School now had a website that not only breathed trust and authority, but that was designed following a completely data-driven process, with conversions in mind.

This new site is not just a “prettier” site for the brand, it is a new platform to help them grow and achieve their goals.

“The outcome is a night and day difference in terms of our website design. The feedback that we’ve been getting on the new website has been absolutely incredible. We’ve seen conversion rate increase and overall brand confidence increase… We’ve been blown away by the results and the efficiency.’

“We gave SplitBase a target and they exceeded that target, and that was just an incredible positive experience for us.”

Jordan Schumacher, Self-Publishing School

Looking to redesign your website? Request a free proposal to discuss how SplitBase can help you achieve your redesign goals while boosting your sales.

“If you’re looking to go with an agency and a provider that will get you a result that you’re happy with and that gets results and that actually moves the needle in terms of conversions and revenue, there’s not a better option that I’m aware of.”

Jordan Schumacher, Self-Publishing School

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Raphael is the founder of SplitBase, and spends his time optimizing SplitBase's own optimization methodology, and growing his clients companies.

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