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Need a new website or landing page? Don’t just design for beauty. Get a conversion-optimized web experience that will actually make you more money.

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We’ve seen it too many times: a company launches a new site that’s expected to perform even better than the previous iteration, and the exact opposite happens. Conversion rates flatline. Users flee. Heads roll. (Hopefully not yours.)

The traditional way of doing website redesigns is risky. It relies on assumptions, opinions, and gut feelings from the marketers and the designers. They’re built to look great, and it often stops there. And this often means that it makes it harder for visitors to convert into customers.

Pretty websites don’t make money by themselves. Those who are built using data do.

That is why we offer a data-driven ecommerce website redesign service, also called “Redesign Insurance”, that ensures your new website actually makes more money than your old one. With this service, every design and copy decision is tested and validated, reducing the risks of redesigns while improving conversions and sales

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Primal Pit Paste
+21% Increase in Sales
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Nudu BeautyNudu Skincare
+191% Increase in Conversions
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Our conversion-focused design process is based on what makes your visitors convert.

The SplitBase conversion method, called the Testing Trifecta, is much more than a collection of tactics. It’s methodical and strategic — and built on data every step of the way.

You can’t redesign a website without knowing what’s working, and what’s not working. Otherwise, what do you think will happen if you remove the most impactful elements of your website, but simply didn’t know about how it contributed to your bottom line?

You don’t want to risk revenue, and the goal of a redesign should be to make you more money. In order to ensure it happens, we always bring the redesign process with the Conversion Blueprint, an in-depth quantitative and qualitative analysis of your website and customer data.

Not only does it enable us to ensure your analytics are properly configured to measure your goals, this helps us better understand where and why people are not converting. It also shines the spotlight on patterns and conversion opportunities that your website is currently ignoring.


The power of words can’t be overlooked. As important as the images, they have the power to communicate emotions, and of course, the information your customers need to know in order to buy. Before we even begin the design of the website, we’ll analyze the research from the Conversion Blueprint and determine exactly what needs to be written on your website. With our conversion copywriter, we’ll carefully follow your brand guidelines while creating the copy that is necessary for your visitors to convert.

While many designers simply design for beauty, we also design for money. This means that our whole design process takes into account your goals, and the visitor behaviors we identified in the Conversion Blueprint.

As we create the wireframes, we validate the new user experience through multiple rounds of usability testing. This ensures your design will be clear and easy to navigate for your website visitors.

When the designs are complete, we will launch and test multiple variations of certain elements of the design and user experience while being attentive to user behaviors, ensuring you benefit from the highest conversions.

To keep up with ever-evolving technologies, consumer needs and behaviors, and of course, your competitors, it’s critical to iterate and optimize your new website.

In order to achieve this, we offer a Continuous Testing & Optimization Program that will help you maintain and grow your website conversions and sales.

Kiehl's skincareKiehl’s
+16% Revenue Increase
26,000% ROI


240% Increase in Conversions
55% Growth in Email Signups

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