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We Help High-End Ecommerce Companies Increase Profits
Through Data & Experimentation

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You know conversion optimization would grow your sales. BUT…

  • Includes continuous analysis of both quantitative and qualitative data from your analytics
  • Mouse tracking analysis
  • User testing
  • Surveys
  • Polls
  • Customer interviews
  • Analysis of support tickets & chat logs
  • And more based on your conversion needs

This will reveal exactly where your website is leaking. It’s eye-opening.

Opinions don’t make money, the Conversion Research gives you the insights you need to grow.

5 reasons to work with us

Are you trying to improve your website - blindfolded?

Enable steady growth, increase revenue, & test smarter — all while learning more about your customers

Are you ready to find out how SplitBase can help you achieve your goals, increase revenue, and make you the hero of your next marketing meeting? Simply fill out the form below.

Featured in...

1. Continuous Testing & Optimization
(So You Can Win More Tests)

You’ve got the data. Now get groundbreaking lifts in conversion and profits with our fully managed optimization process. 

This proven 180-day testing process uses quantitative and qualitative data, psychology, and UX/UI research to reveal & fix where your website is leaking money, and discover your biggest conversion opportunities.

Instead of shooting in the dark, we test data-backed changes that lead to continuous conversion improvements and insight.

Want to eventually take the conversion process in-house? We’ll train your team to execute the process flawlessly, as we’ve done with medium-sized to Fortune 500 ecommerce companies.

See how we can help you win more tests


Conversion Research

Conversion Research is the first step of SplitBase’s full conversion optimization process. It’s ideal for you if you’re already testing, but not getting the results you want or expect.

This 40-day, comprehensive research process uncovers exactly what’s holding your site back from growing conversions. We work with your team to gather and analyze both quantitative and qualitative data to give us the full picture of where your site’s flaws and opportunities lie.

You’ll walk away with a complete, data-backed testing plan so you can start achieving meaningful results from your tests right away.

Do you know the exact reasons why your users aren’t converting? Can you pin-point where your funnel is leaking? Do you know your users objections?

Or how about this: Do you precisely know WHAT to A/B test to achieve maximum results in the least amount of time?


Increased DanMartell.com's conversions by 187% in 3 months

"I BEGGED them to help me increase conversions. I know I'm going to work with Raphael (SplitBase's CEO) for the rest of my career..."

Before You Apply:

  • You need at least 40k monthly unique website visitors
  • The company must be generating revenue
  • Know that we're expensive (because we know the ROI our work will generate is bigger than what you'll have to invest)

"SplitBase's work increased signups by +240%, secondary funnel completions by +55% and we're now getting an 80% response rate from the drip emails they made for us. ...They're absolutely awesome"

After you apply, we will let you know if you qualify within 24hrs. Once on the waitlist, we'll send you an email as soon as a spot becomes available.

Stop doubting, Start winning. Get one-to-one, tailored conversion strategy & coaching so you can start growing exponentially.

Struggling to increase paid user? Stuck with conversions, and not sure what to do to dramatically drive up signups and revenue?

I get it. Boosting conversions isn’t the easiest thing to do...

But fear no more... stop doubting your strategies and gain clarity on your conversion issues so you can focus on executing & achieving results the whole company will be proud of.

With Guided Conversion Optimization, get conversion coaching & strategy advice tailored to you and your company through weekly strategy calls or intensive workshops.


Conversion Strategy Coaching Calls

Get a weekly call with Raphael to gain clarity on your strategies, and a clear path to conversion success.

  • Ask any questions you want, get actionnable advice.

  • Get your landing pages, drip emails, and funnels reviewed live.

  • Be guided through increasing your conversions. Raphael guides you, you generate the results.

Get on the Waitlist for the Coaching Calls

$3,999 / month

Intensive Conversion Workshops

I come to you, and I'll train your team on how to scale faster and increase profits using specific conversion frameworks and strategies. 

  • Highly interactive, no boring lectures.

  • Get your landing pages, drip emails, and funnels reviewed live, with your team.

  • Hands-on, intensive training that will get you the clarity you need to boost conversions & scale profitably.

Starting at $4,999

The Conversion Research is an intensive qualitative & quantitative research program that will get you the roadmap you need to confidently optimize and grow your website’s revenues.

You’ll learn the exact reasons why you’re not getting more conversions, in-depth visitor profiles revealing all their needs, wants, and what’s stopping them from converting, as well as a full list of testing ideas ready for you to test.


3. Redesign Insurance
(So You Never Risk Your Revenue)

 We’ve seen it too many times: a successful business launches a new site that’s expected to perform even better than the previous iteration. And the exact opposite happens. Conversion rates flatline. Users flee. Heads roll. (Hopefully not yours.)

SplitBase can save you from redesign regret. We’ll work by your side on your new site, ensuring that decisions are based on  data, helping you test new ideas, and providing guidance at every turn.

You’ve got too much on your plate already. Your team is at its limit. There’s just no possible way to build CRO into your daily workload.

You also know that dabbling in CRO testing — like running an A/B test here and there or changing a button color — isn’t the right way to get consistent results (plus it could seriously damage your conversions).

SplitBase’s Conversion Methodology helps solve the CRO problem for premium fashion and lifestyle ecommerce companies like yours.


SplitBase Increases Your Ecommerce Sales in
3 Proven Ways

Data-Backed Conversion Optimization Is The Future

And your competitors are already there. Want to join them?

SplitBase is a certified partner of Sentient Ascend, the leader in AI-driven testing and optimization. We’ll help you use your data to better understand your customers and give them what they want — so you bring in more revenue.

Real growth. We don’t just focus on up-front conversions. We analyze and optimize your entire customer journey — so your conversion rates are sustainable in the long term, and you learn from every test.

We aim high. SplitBase only works with companies for whom we’re convinced we can generate at least 5x ROI

Collaborative process. We meet weekly and work together as one team.

Fixed fees. No surprises. Regardless of the income our work generates for you.

We use your tools. You keep your data. We don’t use any proprietary software.

We only work with companies generating at least $1M in revenue.

No distractions. Optimization is all we do, and we’re kickass at it. We don’t offer PPC or SEO.

Turnkey service. We know your team is busy. That’s why we provide our own expert Strategists, Designers, Developers, QA Engineers, and Data Scientists. We’re not trying to add to your workload

This is not a cookie-cutter CRO solution. Our process works because it’s custom-tailored to your website. Your industry. Your goals.

"SplitBase took our conversion rates from average to amazing. We knew we had to do something to increase them, and choosing to work with SplitBase was the result. I was evaluating other companies to do this for us, but SplitBase's understanding of what we needed, and their process set them apart. We got the results."

Omri Toppol, CMO - LogDog






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"Love working with SplitBase! Their thorough Conversion Research Blueprint is incredibly insightful. The data we learned became our go-to resource for guiding our new direction. We had zero dips in conversion rates after re-launching, and we made more sales from day one.

Find Out What CRO Could Do For Your Bottom Line

The SplitBase conversion method, called the Testing Trifecta, is much more than a collection of tactics. It’s methodical and strategic — and built on data every step of the way.

2. Conversion Research Blueprint
(So You Know Exactly What To Do To Increase Sales)

Kiehl's is a client of the continuous optimization program

BestSelf Co. is a client of the Continuous Optimization & Conversion Research

Nudu Natural Beauty is a client of the Redesign Insurance


A/B Testing
Multivariate Testing
AI Testing


Website Polls
On-Site Surveys
Chat Support Analysis
Customer Interviews
Customer Surveys
Session Recordings
Usability Testing


Web Analytics
Information Hierarchy

Work With SplitBase

We've worked with...

"I am extremely impressed with SplitBase. The Blueprint gave me a laundry list of items to immediately implement, as well as a list of items to test to improve conversion rates. Very highly recommend SplitBase and the Conversion Blueprint for any e-commerce business looking to improve performance."

Sales Increased By 21%

Revenue Per Visitor Grew By 14% in 2 Months

Adds to Cart

Increased 191%

Other Ways We Can Help

In-Depth Analytics Audit
We ensure your analytics data can be trusted and that your configuration is aligned with your business goals

Usability Testing
 How are people navigating and behaving on your website? Where are they having problems? What are the friction points of your UX? Let's find out.

"Since working SplitBase, we're much more confident in interpreting our data in Google Analytics. They were able to point out some key issues with our internal links and how they were actually compromising our data in GA. SplitBase truly cares about the SUCCESS of their clients. I highly recommend SplitBase to anyone who wants to get their Google Analytics account dialed in."

- Michael B.


We Help High-End Ecommerce Companies Increase Profits
Through Data & Experimentation

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