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DIFF Eyewear Landing Page Case Study

How SplitBase Increased DIFF Eyewear’s Conversions by 55% with Landing Pages

When DIFF Eyewear needed to increase mobile conversions for traffic coming from their Facebook and Instagram ads, we created campaign-specific and category-specific landing pages that were tested against their existing landing pages. Conversions increased by up to 55%…

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How We Helped Luxury Outerwear Brand Mackage Redesign Their Website for Growth

When Mackage decided to redesign their website, they didn’t just want a better-looking one. They wanted one that would increase conversions too. They partnered with us to build a new site that, from the ground-up, was built on usability research and conversion principles.

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Mackage Optimization & Redesign Case Study
BestSelf A/B Testing Case Study

How We Increased BestSelf's Self Journal Sales by 27%

BestSelf Co., a leading online seller of productivity tools, suffered a high bounce rate on its flagship product’s page. Many of the visitors who landed on its Self Journal product page abandoned it too soon. BestSelf Co. spotted this pattern and engaged SplitBase to fix it.

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How SplitBase Increased Kiehl’s Ecommerce Revenue by ~$1.6M

As Kiehl’s increased its focus on site optimization in order to keep customer acquisition costs down, they partnered with SplitBase to get landing pages designed to convert, and implement an A/B testing and optimization program…

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Kiehl's Checkout Optimization Case Study
Haute Hijab Conversion Optimization Case Study

How SplitBase Helped Haute Hijab Increase Ecommerce Conversions by 26.8%

Haute Hijab, a New York based direct-to-consumer fashion and lifestyle brand for Muslim women approached SplitBase to get help with understanding their customers and to create an A/B testing program to grow their online sales

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How Behavioral Insights Grew Roots Of Fight’s Mobile Conversions by 19.4%

This test not only led to a direct revenue increase for the brand, but it also proved that understanding customers and testing ways to improve the user experience through research carries a significant upside.

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Roots of Fight A/B Testing Case Study
Primal Pit Paste Redesign Case Study

Natural Deodorant Ecommerce Company Increases Conversions by 21% After Website Redesign

Primal Pit Paste had no choice to redesign their website as they were replatforming from BigCommerce to Shopify Plus. Website redesigns are risky conversion-wise, so they needed to reduce risks as much as possible. They needed a way to ensure the new website would perform as well, if not better. In the end, we...

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How We Helped Nudu Skincare Increase Adds to Cart by Up to 191%

Nudu Skincare asked SplitBase to help them with increasing ecommerce conversions, and design a new website with a luxurious feel. After 3 months, conversions increased 191%.

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Nudu Skincare Case Study

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