We Don’t Just Design for Beauty.
We Design to Make You More Money.

Shopify Web Design Services

We design for what actually matters to your business - sales.

We’re a conversion optimization agency at the core, so unlike most Shopify design agencies, our goal isn't just to design something beautiful.

Beauty is key, and that can be achieved by many agencies and designers. But beauty by itself doesn’t mean you’ll achieve high conversion rates. In no way does it mean your website will actually perform better.

Unfortunately, many companies find out too late.

We design drool-worthy websites engineered for conversions.

Our design process creates beautiful websites that also turn visitors into customers. Our website designs are guided by conversion optimization principles, customer data, analytics, and behavioral sciences.

It’s scientific. Not just based on one’s personal taste, gut feelings, or opinion.

SplitBase’s Data-Driven Web Design Process


Creative brainstorming, create mood board, begin signature Conversion Research Process

Analyze current site’s analytics to identify what’s already working and what’s not, and the site’s key areas

Usability testing on existing site to understand current site flaws, strengths and opportunities

Usability testing on existing site to understand current site flaws, strengths and opportunities

Website polls to discover customers’ questions and buying objections

Survey existing customers to gather “voice of customer”, and identify conversion triggers

Create data-driven personas from quantitative & qualitative research

Build Conversion Trigger Triangle prioritizing customer questions, doubts, needs, and wants needed to be addressed for conversions

Evaluation of strategies to increase average order value

Gather & create copy and content


Cross-referencing wireframe with over 300 data points from usability studies

Validation of design decisions through usability tests

Final design

Continuous testing and optimization

Most Agencies' Web Design Process


Creative brainstorming & creating personas

Create mood board


Adding content

Final design

Jordan Schumacher

It was eye-opening to see how they conducted research of past customers and traffic, and then how they utilized that data and actually integrated it with the design to the point where they were able to say, “Hey, we used this word here based on the feedback we got from the research that we did.”

That was very impressive and it’s not something that I see any other design agencies doing.

- Jordan Schumacher, Self-Publishing School

Angela Laffey

SplitBase has a real talent for adding sleekness to a design, and just giving it that premium feel… Mobile conversions increased 191%, desktop by 38.9%.”

- Angela Laffey, Pellu

Vanessa Roberts

Working with SplitBase was a no-brainer for me. We had zero dips in conversion rates after re-launching the website, and we made more sales from day one.

- Vanessa Roberts, Primal Pit Paste

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