Ecommerce A/B Testing for Luxury, Fashion and Lifestyle Brands

Testing & optimization is the most impactful way to increase your ecommerce sales without increasing your ad spend

Smaller companies to Fortune 500’s fall into common A/B testing mistakes all the time…

This results in bad decisions, skewed data and invalid tests. For a vast majority of companies, the experiments they run barely even move the needle… 

The good news: We have run more A/B tests than we can count. With some tests adding a few million dollars to our clients’ bottom lines, you can leverage our experience and process to avoid common mistakes, and run experiments that get you the results you and your team will be proud of. 

16% Sales Increase for Kiehl's Skincare

Since 2016, Kiehl’s has been working with SplitBase to optimize their website and manage A/B testing.

In the first 3 months of our mandate, we were tasked with improving the checkout flow. After user testing and analytics research, we launched tests that increased the company’s online revenues by 16%.

23.9% Sales Growth for BestSelf's Flagship Product

BestSelf approached SplitBase in 2017 with the goal of increasing the sales of their Self Journal, their flagship product. Within 3 months, sales had increased by 23.9%.

“The SplitBase team is great to work with and I’d recommend them to anyone looking for people to dig into analytics and A/B tests…”

Cathryn Lavery
BestSelf Co

Our data-driven testing process is based on what makes your visitors convert.

The SplitBase conversion method, called the Testing Trifecta, is much more than a collection of tactics. It’s methodical and strategic — and built on data every step of the way.

The first, most important, and often the hardest step of A/B testing is deciding exactly what to test. The quality of your test hypotheses will directly determine the quality of your test. 

Fortunately, our process begins with an extensive conversion research process. By combining web analytics, understanding user psychology and behaviors, monitoring mouse-tracking, and analyzing user testing and qualitative data, our process reveals exactly what you should test. 

Now with a list of testing ideas, we use our conversion prioritization methodology to create an efficient and prioritized test plan.

Whether you’re using Optimizely, VWO, Adobe Target or any other testing tool, we have experience designing, coding and implementing your A/B tests into popular testing tools.

Designing an A/B test from a hypothesis requires a designer who’s well versed in conversion optimization to work with a conversion strategist. Setting up and implementing the test within your testing platform requires a developer who knows how these tools work, the mistakes to avoid, and the best practices to follow.

We’ve got these people. That’s what we do. Our team can help you design and implement your experiments, and provide you with a professional second opinion on your tests. You’re free to choose what suits you best.

Simply relying on your testing tool to determine if your tests are successful is ill-advised. You have to calculate statistical significance, understand intervals, segment traffic into different audiences and analyze the results in your web analytics.

We help you determine when to stop a test, and make sense of the results. Is the test a winner, a loser? Or only a winner on mobile, maybe? What can you learn from the results of this test?

Our expertise will ensure you make the right decisions, with valid data in hand. When the test results are clear and documented, we create the next iterations for you to continuously keep growing.

Are you ready to convert more visitors into buyers?

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