How We Increased BestSelf's Self Journal Sales by 27%

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BestSelf A/B Testing Case Study

The Client

BestSelf Co., a leading DTC ecommerce brand of productivity tools, they are the only company to win both of Shopify's Build a Business and Build a Bigger Business competitions.

The Challenge

The brand initially suffered a high bounce rate on its flagship product’s page. Many of the visitors who landed on its Self Journal product page abandoned it too soon. BestSelf Co. spotted this pattern and engaged SplitBase to fix it.

After multiple surveys, polls and usability research, it was clear that visitors were not understanding some of the benefits of the company’s flagship product, the Self Journal. Based on this, we hypothesized that visitors were leaving after coming to the landing/product page, or simply browsing away to other products, because they weren’t getting “hooked.”

The Solution

We followed our A/B Testing process, the Testing Trifecta, to come up with an optimization plan and A/B testing ideas.

We performed user testing, and heat map analysis.

We also conducted polls and surveys on the product page to get user feedback.

At the end of the research, we found in its analysis that visitors weren’t scrolling past the fold area and the polls’/surveys’ results showed that people didn’t understand the benefit it offered and also didn’t trust the product to work.

For an eCommerce product page, a high bounce rate results in a direct loss of revenue. We quickly sprung into action to plug this leak for BestSelf Co. — and to help the seller hook the visitors who landed on the page and get more sales.

The Testing Trifecta Process for CRO
Our Testing Trifecta Conversion Methodology

Based on the hypothesis, we created 2 different headlines to add to the product page.

To write the headline copy of the winning version (pictured below), we returned to our findings from the qualitative research where we discovered that most of the people who bought the product identified themselves as a “professional.”

We used this insight to target the ideal buyers with its headline copy by using the word “professional” in it.

In addition to this, we also added the core benefit of helping professionals “achieve their goals” and social proof (in terms of the number of users who used the product) to the headline copy:

BestSelf's Product Page A/B Test

The Results

27% Sales Increase for the Self Journal

74% Increase on Desktop

“SplitBase is great to work with and I’d recommend them to anyone looking for people to dig into analytics, A/B tests etc. The tests they ran increased our total, side-wide sales significantly.”

- Cathryn Lavery, CEO, BestSelf

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