Strategic Bundling, Upselling, and Optimization With a $2M+ Impact for Birthdate Co.

Landing Page Build & Optimization

Full-Site Experimentation (A/B Testing) & Optimization

Ongoing Conversion Research

Birthdate Co's Landing Page & CRO Case Study

The Client

Birthdate Co. entered the market with a unique proposition - astrology-personalized candles. Over time, the brand introduced other personalized products like pendants and books, each carrying a touch of the personal bond between the cosmos and the individual. As the product range expanded, so did the need for a coherent online shopping journey, especially with the personalization aspect at play.

The Challenge

  • Boost conversions, average order value (AOV), and overall return on marketing spend.
  • Motivate customers to buy candles online, even without the sensory cue of scent.
  • Integrate an expanding product range cohesively and facilitate cross-selling.
  • Streamline the product personalization flows to prevent a confusing or convoluted user experience.

Birthdate Co's date selector

The Solution

  • Developed targeted landing pages to better direct ad traffic, ensuring a relevant, and optimized post-click experience.
  • Conducted a thorough examination of user experience to understand varying customer behaviours across different products.
  • Identified and alleviated friction points in the user journey through continuous A/B testing on the main website.
Working with SplitBase was a game-changer. They executed numerous hypothesis-driven tests, while also setting up robust event tracking to ensure we understood each test's impact. Their qualitative reports provided deeper insights into our customer base as our product line expanded and diversified.
- Chris K., Head of Growth, Birthdate Co.

For example, by delving deeper into customers’ buying behavior, we unearthed a significant insight - a large portion of Birthdate customers were purchasing products as gifts. We also discovered this segment had numerous questions concerning shipping times, gift wrapping, and personalization due to the nature of their purchase.

We took this cue to develop landing pages, test hypotheses and create messaging tailored for this demographic, ensuring their concerns were addressed right at the onset, simplifying their decision-making process.

Birthdate Co's gifting focused homepage

With most of Birthdate’s products catering to a similar customer base, we saw an opportunity to enhance the cross-selling strategy. As the brand’s product line expanded, we experimented with cross-promoting, upselling and bundling products on each product page. 

Birthdate Co's mobile gift set page

A notable strategy was the introduction of a bundle builder on the Birthdate Book product detail page. This allowed customers to make additional purchases with ease, simultaneously boosting the average order value. By presenting bundled offerings and simplifying the cross-selection process, we enhanced the customer’s shopping experience while significantly contributing to Birthdate's revenue stream.

Birthdate Co's Book + Candle Bundle

The examples highlighted above represent just a few of the 100+ recommendations, tests, and changes made to the site as part of the optimization program, ushering in a more refined and profitable site experience for Birthdate.

The Results

Thanks to Splitbase, we now have a clearer path to growth and a deeper connection to our customers.
- Chris K., Head of Growth, Birthdate Co.

Generating an extra $200,000 in monthly revenue through strategic experimentation

Creation of 8+ landing pages, amplifying the brand's acquisition efforts

Implementation of bundling and product cross-promotion strategies led to a significant increase in AOV and Revenue Per Session (RPS) over a 2+ year period

This partnership with Birthdate Co. illustrates how understanding customer behavior and following an approach of ongoing optimization can lead to a smoother user experience, higher conversion rates, and a notable increase in revenue.

Through targeted strategies and continuous experimentation, Birthdate Co. now enjoys a more streamlined user journey, and a better website to remain competitive.

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