Celebrity-Led Beauty Brand Sees 406% ROI on Experimentation Program in First Few Months

Full-Site Experimentation (A/B Testing) & Optimization

Ongoing Conversion Research

Celebrity beauty brand increases conversions

The Client

A boundary-breaking and celebrity-owned beauty brand partnered with SplitBase to continuously improve the site’s user experience as they pursued aggressive growth. Within the first couple of months, the brand’s investment in conversion optimization was already paying for itself, with a 406% ROI, and an x-ray vision into which site elements resonated with their customer base.

The Challenge

As the brand started scaling into 8 figures, leadership wanted to push the pedal on growth, but the data-driven way. Being an extremely design-conscious brand, they knew that making the website look good wasn’t enough to reach their growth goals. They also knew that cheap optimization tactics wouldn’t cut it.

The team approached SplitBase to gain more clarity in their design and messaging decisions. They needed answers to questions like: Which value propositions and messages would resonate with customers and drive conversions? Which design decisions were possibly hurting customer experience? And moving forward, which site improvements should they prioritize to maximize revenue?

With increasing acquisition costs, and a crowded beauty space, it was critical for the brand to maximize conversions, email signups, and revenues to keep growing.

The Solution

Before we even touched the website and started running experiments, it was important for us, as much as the brand, to get a deep understanding of their customers.

  • Who are they?
  • Where are they coming from?
  • What makes them buy from this brand?
  • What are their motivations?

We also wanted to understand where people were getting stuck with the current website. Would people abandon the site because of a usability issue, or because they couldn’t find what they were looking for or get answers to their questions?

And finally, we needed to have a crystal clear understanding of the brand’s growth roadmap and goals for the coming months.

Our in-depth quantitative and qualitative conversion audit, which we call the Conversion Research, helped us get answers to all of the above questions, and more.

With the insights that were collected, and based on the company’s goals, we created an action list of website changes the brand had to do as soon as possible to fix low-hanging fruits, in addition to an extensive experimentation roadmap of A/B tests that we would then run for the months to come.

SplitBase was then responsible for researching, strategizing, copywriting, designing, as well as coding and launching the experiments on the brand’s website, and on a weekly basis, both teams would meet to share insights that would help the brand make the right, data-driven decisions to support growth.

The Results

With new insights about their audience, website, and digital marketing initiatives provided by the experimentation program and continuous analytics and audience research done by SplitBase, this celebrity-led DTC beauty brand was able to make impactful website changes, while respecting the brand’s strict design guidelines, which led to significant additional monthly revenue increases.

406% ROI from the Experimentation Program

33% Increase in Email Signups

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