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Hyperice Hypervolt Ecommerce Conversion Optimization Case Study

The Client

Hyperice is the leader in high-performance wellness and recovery technology. Their products help to relieve tension, unlock sore muscles, and prime the body to be at their best. Recognized in 2021 by Fortune Magazine as one of the world’s most innovative companies, they’re also the Official Recovery Technology Partner of the partners of the world’s best sports leagues including the NBA, MLB, UFC, PGA TOUR and more.

The Challenge

When Hyperice approached SplitBase for conversion optimization services, they were looking to not only scale their marketing efforts, including their ad spend, but they were also looking to get a better return from their marketing investments through website improvements. They didn’t have very many landing pages, and their website wasn’t fully optimized for conversions.

The brand also has very specific brand guidelines and identity, which requires a conversion optimization approach that leaves cheap conversion tactics aside and prioritizes a high attention to detail, and brand-relevant tests.  

The Solution

After aligning with the brand’s business, website, and conversion goals, SplitBase began analyzing Hyperice’s entire funnel; from how each traffic source sent traffic to the website, including the ads and targeting settings, to the website itself.

Every element, aspect of the user experience, and feature of the website was then categorized within our 6 Pillars Framework, and ranked based on over 300 internal data points.

SplitBase's Ecommerce 6 Pillars Heuristic Framework
SplitBase's 6 Pillars Heuristic Framework

This gave us a heuristic overview of the website and user experience strengths and weaknesses and revealed the areas that would be the biggest levers for revenue growth through conversion optimization. 

Following SplitBase’s Testing Trifecta Research Process, we quantified the potential gains from the areas of opportunity and performed ongoing analytics research through Google Analytics to identify user behaviors that correlated with purchases.

SplitBase's Testing Trifecta Conversion Research & A/B Testing Process
SplitBase's Testing Trifecta Process

Analytics provide quantifiable insights, but user behaviors can’t always be explained with numbers. This is why, guided by analytics, we then explore the insights further through “Human” research.

“Analytics are numbers, but your customers are human beings. Emotions, questions, and thoughts, are all things that can either make or break a purchasing decision. And things happening inside the mind of your customers can’t be quantified, so why would you make decisions based on numbers alone?” - Raphael Paulin-Daigle, founder & CEO of SplitBase

The SplitBase team then prepared, sent and analyzed customer and website polls on behalf of Hyperice, researched customer sentiment, and performed usability tests on the website to identify friction points, and identify their cause.

As a result, SplitBase’s conversion strategists were able to come up with quantitative and qualitative-backed A/B test hypotheses and landing page ideas.

Through quarterly prioritization exercises, all ideas were prioritized to align with the brand’s goals, and high-priority ideas were turned into hypotheses to test.

50+ A/B tests and 29 landing pages were then launched over time, in addition to countless UX recommendations that didn’t require any testing. 

Some landing pages created followed hero-style formats, gift guides, and listicles.

And the A/B tests experimented with copy, offers, navigation, imagery, information hierarchy, and so much more.

In one instance we found out through the Conversion Research process that mobile users had difficulty understanding the differences between each Hypervolt model. Based on these insights, we hypothesized that if we introduced a way for visitors to easily compare each model, we would be able to reduce confusion and increase conversions.

A/B tested compare feature

This test resulted in a 6.2% conversion rate lift.

The Results

Hyperice saw improvements on all key metrics, including conversion rate, add-to-cart rate, average order value, and customer acquisition costs.

The CRO and landing page program also provided key insights on what converts site visitors into customers, what works, and what doesn’t, as well as intricate details on customer personas.

Overall, the brand saw:

$934,000 per month generated through CRO

An increase in conversion rate and AOV 

78x ROI on SplitBase’s services

The SplitBase team are experts in developing clear customer retention strategies that will drive immediate impact for the business. Along with this their attention to detail and thoughtful approach to the UI and UX of our website helped improve our overall conversions.” - Steph Smith, VP of Marketing

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