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The Client

INH Hair is a DTC eCommerce brand started by two best friends. Its mission is to inspire confidence, community, and self-expression through high-quality hair products. INH Hair’s products are premium vegan and cruelty-free at accessible prices for buyers looking for on-trend hair products without a budget for luxury brands.

Their clip-on ponytail is their flagship product that initially took off online sparking fast growth for the new company that led to three big problems they needed to solve fast.

The Challenge

INH had a great problem—they were growing fast. Website traffic continued to rise which meant the INH team was scrambling to turn that traffic into buyers. They approached SplitBase with 3 big challenges tied directly to their quick growth: 

#1: They didn’t know why website visitors didn’t convert

While INH Hair had lots of website traffic—it wasn’t all turning into conversions. The team felt in the dark about why website visitors were bouncing off of product pages. They knew they needed a deep dive into their customer avatar to see what questions buyers had about their products and brand.

  • What were buyers’ main objections to buying their flagship product?
  • What made customers abandon their carts?
  • How well did customers understand how to use their product?

INH Hair knew they needed to answer these questions to turn bounces into conversions.

#2: They needed to know they were getting an ROI

INH Hair had website traffic and initial success. Naturally, they turned to Facebook ads to add gasoline to the fire. Quickly they recognized that they needed to see an ROI from the ad dollars they were giving Facebook. 

Facebook could send buyers to their website but if INH Hair didn’t deliver a great experience on their landing pages, PDP, and homepages—they’d lose their investment. They needed to improve the overall website experience to maximize their chances of making their money back on their ad dollars.

They needed to make sure as they spent more money on ads that they delivered the best experience possible on their landing page, product detail pages, and homepage to maximize their chances of making their money back on their ad dollars.

#3: They needed a processed and systemized way of testing, improving, and releasing new website features and elements

To keep up with website traffic INH Hair rolled out frequent website changes. The problem was that those changes weren’t tested.

  • Was the most recent website update helping with conversions?
  • Was a newly added widget decreasing conversions?

What efforts should they double down on?

INH knew they needed to figure out how to assess each change, see how it impacted performance, and use those insights to drive the next set of website improvements.

The Solution

INH Hair faced common challenges as an eCommerce company. When they approached SplitBase, we knew exactly where we needed to start to help them overcome all 3 of their big challenges.

#1: They didn’t know why website visitors didn’t convert

We started by implementing our Conversion Blueprint Process to figure out what was working and what wasn’t working on their website.

SplitBase's Testing Trifecta Process

We looked into the macro and micro brand experience to see how buyers interacted with the brand. Our research focused on questions like:

  • Which channels performed best?
  • How do people from each channel behave?
  • Were there problem areas?
  • Are there opportunities to combine products into bundles?
  • Are there opportunities to create upsells?
  • Are there pages underutilized but making the brand lots of money?
  • Are there signs of customers hitting a roadblock that prevents them from completing the purchase?

Initially, we sourced our answers through analytics. These analytics gave us the cookie crumbs we needed to dive into our qualitative research. We were able to survey customers, poll buyers, and run usability tests based on our analytic findings to determine what questions customers had about the INH Hair products.

Our qualitative customer research showed us that INH Hair buyers didn’t know how their ponytails, their flagship product, actually worked. How did they apply it? Would it hold for hours? What was the maintenance like? Knowing these were their objections meant that we could create product details that gave buyers the answers they’d been looking for.

We found that buyers didn’t know how the ponytails actually worked. How did they apply it? Was it a clip? Will it stay? Maintenance? By taking those pieces of information we were able to help the team make small changes throughout the product page through A/B testing and iterations that over time led to better performance. 

#2: They needed to know they were getting an ROI

Once we knew why website visitors didn’t convert—we started testing. Through usability tests, we found that website visitors weren’t reading the product descriptions that answered their questions (especially visitors coming from Instagram and TikTok). The shorter attention span meant we needed a faster way of explaining the product. 

For one test, the SplitBase team started testing GIFs, videos, and images that showed how to apply the product. After multiple iterations, we found the winning versions: a series of 3 GIFs that showed how easy it was to use INH Hair’s clip in ponytail. Our hypothesis was true: if we could show people exactly how the ponytail works it would answer all the questions a website visitor had about the product in a few seconds.

With their product pages set for success based on qualitative customer research, INH Hair could confidently send paid traffic knowing they’d see an ROI.

#3: They needed a processed and systemized way of testing, improving, and releasing new website features and elements

By working with the SplitBase team, INH Hair got first-hand experience in processing and systemizing website improvements. They replaced ad-hoc changes with a data-driven approach to making site changes. A proven system for getting the results they could replicate again and again in the future.

“I can't rave more about the SplitBase team and the value we have gained”
- Sharon Pak, Co-Founder

The Results

26% Increase in Conversions

6 Figures in Additional Monthly Revenue

Our qualitative customer research through our Conversion Blueprint Process showed us insights that we implemented into upsells and cross-sells throughout the entire buying journey, increasing average order value.

Our systemized process for A/B testing new website iterations led to a six figure monthly revenue increase for the brand, and included tests such as the product page iterations outlined above that led to a 26% increase in conversions.

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