How SplitBase Increased Kiehl’s Ecommerce Revenue by ~$1.6M

  • Landing Page Design & Optimization
  • Full-Site Testing & Optimization
  • Consumer Insights
Kiehl's Checkout Optimization Case Study

The Client


Kiehl’s is one of the world’s biggest skincare brands specializing in premium hair, skin, and body care products. Founded in 1851, it is now part of the L’Oréal portfolio of luxury brands.

The Challenge

Increasing conversions on the brand’s ecommerce site

As Kiehl’s kept growing their digital marketing expertise, they realized the importance of on-site optimization in order to keep their customer acquisition costs down. With multiple ongoing initiatives to improve the site experience, Kiehl’s approached SplitBase to help them implement a conversion optimization program.

The Solution

Optimizing the cart & checkout experience

We conducted our signature Conversion Blueprint research process to identify the top opportunities to increase revenue for Kiehl’s website. With hundreds of findings following the intensive quantitative and qualitative research process, we worked with the Kiehl’s and L’Oréal ecommerce teams to prioritize A/B tests and changes to implement.

The bulk of our efforts focused on the cart and checkout experience, where we progressively tested and rolled out improvements.

Testing Trifecta
Our Testing Trifecta Methodology, which was applied to Kiehl's CRO project.

The Results

~$1.6M in additional revenue

Reduced abandonment at all steps of checkout

Abandonment decreased at all steps of the checkout flow, purchases increased, leading to ~$1.6M in additional revenue.

SplitBase’s partnership with Kiehl’s was so successful that L’Oréal decided to expand the partnership to other brands within their portfolio such as YSL Beauty, NYX Cosmetics, Biotherm, and Lancôme.

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