How Landing Page Testing Was a “Game-Changer” for This Medical Device Company

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NeuroMD Landing Page & CRO Case Study

The Client

NeuroMD is a DTC medical device company specializing in pain relief. Their primary offering, an FDA-cleared Corrective Therapy Device has garnered thousands of highly-positive reviews. 

Despite having a product that is highly effective and loved by its customer base, the brand still faced certain challenges in scaling and converting website visitors into customers.

The Challenge

Rising ad costs, and the ongoing challenges for ecommerce brands to profitably acquire new customers, made conversion optimization and increasing the efficiency of their marketing spend, a priority for NeuroMD.

The skeptical nature of their target audience, who had tried multiple other solutions with little to no relief from back pain, made it difficult for them to trust yet another solution.

Before SplitBase, NeuroMD attempted to create landing pages in-house, and worked with freelancers and experts, but obtained mixed results when it comes to reducing CPAs and increasing conversions.

That’s when they reached out to SplitBase for additional help.

The Solution

Addressing the challenges faced by NeuroMD required an approach that was both data-driven and customer-centric. SplitBase, being a CRO and landing page agency that specializes in using customer research to grow brands, devised a strategy that went beyond mere aesthetics and ventured into the realms of understanding customer psychology and behavior. 

We conducted extensive research including website polls, analytics, sent qualitative surveys to existing customers, and analyzed product reviews to better understand customers’ objections and hesitations. This allowed us to:

  • Identify a lack of trust factors on the original landing pages.
  • Discover that the way the existing pages communicated the benefits of the product wasn’t always aligned with how customers described their experiences. Essentially, there was a disconnect between the brand’s language and the customer’s voice.
  • Found that some customer objections and questions were either being overlooked or absent from the product pages and landing pages.

Using those insights, our conversion team developed and tested various landing pages including listicle-style pages, advertorials, and hero landing pages - and carried out a series of tests designed to determine which elements worked best for customer engagement and conversion.

"Working with SplitBase has been a game-changer for us. Their comprehensive redesign of our main landing page boosted our conversion rate and allowed us to scale to new heights. They always have tests in the pipeline and really feel like they are part of our team. They've gone beyond just landing pages and worked with our media buyers to further maximize results."
Anthony Rumbello, Founder & CEO, NeuroMD

The Results

The landing pages developed and tested by SplitBase delivered remarkable results:

One of the first landing pages created by SplitBase resulted in a whopping 55.3% increase in conversion as compared to the pages it was tested against.

NeuroMD gained increased confidence to scale its ad spend.

Built a robust data-driven experimentation pipeline for ongoing marketing performance improvements.

NeuroMD’s success story is a testament to the impact of a data-driven, customer-centric approach in landing page build and optimization. Through SplitBase's research-oriented Testing Trifecta methodology, NeuroMD was able to scale to new heights

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