How Landing Pages Increased Conversions by 43% For This Beauty Brand

Landing Page Optimization Program

Landing Pages for Beauty Brand Laura Geller

The Client

Buyers can find Laura Geller’s products in legacy stores like Macy’s. The beauty brand has earned a positive reputation keeping it on the shelves for 25 years. While their in-store retail continued to drive sales, Laura Geller couldn’t ignore the consumer shift towards online shopping.

They knew it was time to build out their channels and wanted to do it the right way the first time.

The Challenge

Laura Geller had built a strong community of buyers over the past two and a half decades. They approached SplitBase with one overarching goal: to create landing pages that helped them scale their paid acquisition investments. 

Their landing pages needed to work in conjunction with their paid ads to decrease customer acquisition costs and increase conversion.

Their initial paid acquisition strategy sent traffic directly to their homepage or specific product pages which left them with costly customer acquisition costs and low conversions.

Laura Geller knew they needed to improve their marketing funnel to reach their goals and that SplitBase was the ideal partner.

The Solution

SplitBase has worked with over 30+ brands in the beauty space, including household names like L’Oréal. We have a database of proven tactics and techniques that work really well for these specific buyers. We confidently brought Laura Geller on as a client knowing that we could increase sales while decreasing acquisition costs. 

Our signature Conversion Blueprint Process was put into effect immediately. We started to analyze qualitative and quantitative data that told us the real story behind Laura Geller’s online buyers. We didn’t want to guess what their landing pages needed — we wanted to know exactly what their customers needed to feel confident making a purchase.

To figure out why people bought Laura Geller’s products instead of the competitions we looked for the answers to these questions:

  • Why do people love their products?
  • What objections do people have to purchasing their products?
  • Who are their core customers?

We found our answers through running polls and customer surveys, analyzing customer comments on social media, and reading support tickets. Combining our prior industry knowledge with this qualitative data gave us the answers we needed.

We discovered that Laura Geller has a slightly older customer avatar that craves information. Their buyers want to know everything about a product. They’re not coming from shorter attention span channels like TikTok or Instagram. They’re ready to read every word on a product page to make sure the product is the right fit for them.

We decided to focus on one of their most loyal customers and build out a fully optimized funnel. (This would allow us to tweak the funnel in the future for younger audiences.)

To satiate this customer avatar's desire for knowledge, we built out two types of landing pages: an advertorial style page and a more traditional landing page. We created mobile and desktop versions for both.

The Advertorial Style Landing Page

Advertorial Style landing pages create curiosity in buyers. They read like an article and create a message that resonates with the customer to make them trust the brand. Our customer research made us confident that we could build a landing page with more text than usual and create a dramatic increase in conversions.

Listicle landing page for Laura Geller

Traditional Landing Page

Adjacent to the Advertorial Style Landing Page is a product page adapted to everything customers told us that mattered to them. The page focuses on the product, why they’ll love it, and what features and benefits they most care about. This page is built for the customer just as much as it was built by the customer.

Destop Hero Landing Page for Laura Geller

The Results

SplitBase landing pages increased conversions by 43% on average for Laura Geller. They went from high customer acquisition costs and low conversions to low acquisition costs and high conversions — reaching their initial goal.

Laura Geller also received a deep dive into their online customers to use across all of their marketing efforts in the future.

“The end to end experience of working with the SplitBase team was incredible. The level of attention to detail that went into making this landing page is above and beyond. They also worked really well with our internal brand marketing teams to make sure we were creating a landing page based on brand performance marketing principles.”

- Bobby M., VP of Digital - Laura Geller

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