How We Helped Nudu Skincare Increase Adds to Cart by Up to 191%

  • Conversion Research
  • Data-Driven Web Design
Nudu Skincare Case Study

The Client

Nudu Skincare

Nudu Skincare (now rebranded to Pellu) is a high-end line of luxurious skin care products made in New Zealand with natural and scientific ingredients, tested over and over again. They’ve devoted years of research to achieve perfection in every aspect of the product - from the ingredients, to the texture, to the finest details of each bottle.

The Challenge

Increasing Ecommerce Sales, Improving Mobile Conversions, and Achieving a Luxurious User Experience.

As a premium skin care company, Nudu wanted to improve how their website communicated their brand, while also increasing their ecommerce conversions.

“Our website was not converting as much as we wanted. A lot of the functionalities of the website, like the product pages, needed improvements. To sum it up, we wanted a higher conversion rate, and we wanted our site to look more premium.”

- Angela L, North American manager

And since selling a luxury product is completely different than selling low and mid-tier products, they didn’t want to work with just any agency good at design...

“When trying to find an agency to work with, our biggest concern was whether or not they would grasp what we were looking to get out, in terms of the feel of the brand, our own philosophy and branding, and how we wanted to be presented. We wanted to make sure they would line up on the same page with what we were looking to do.”

Ultimately, they chose SplitBase to help them improve their conversion rates and user experience due to our research-based design and optimization methodology, and our focus on luxury.

"We decided to work with SplitBase because after speaking with Raphael, it seemed like we were on the same page with the direction that we wanted to go. I also liked that they actually research, and base their design on data and facts, and not just what we think might work."

The Solution

A Data-Driven, Conversion-Focused Website Redesign

Specializing in ecommerce conversion optimization for luxury brands, we use our Testing Trifecta and High-End Conversion Engine methodologies to improve the UX of ecommerce sites, and to grow their sales.

To begin, Nudu hired SplitBase to do the Conversion Research Blueprint, an in-depth research process that reveals where money is leaking on the website, what psychological triggers make people buy from them, and exactly what to change to fix the leaks, improve the site, and grow conversions and sales.

Through the Conversion Research Blueprint, SplitBase…

  • Audited and configured Google Analytics and GTM on Nudu’s behalf to ensure accurate reporting of their data

  • Audited the website through our 7 Conversion Pillars evaluation methodology, and benchmarked it using over 300 data points from UX studies

  • Did an in-depth quantitative analysis of their Google Analytics data to understand different customer segments and find the problem areas in the funnel

  • Created and analyzed qualitative surveys sent to existing customers in order to determine the most profitable customer personas

  • Launched polls on the website to determine what held people back from buying

  • Analyzed Nudu’s support tickets and live chat to understand what questions and concerns customers had the most

  • Analyzed session recordings, did user testing, and analyzed mouse tracking and visual maps to gain an in-depth understanding of how visitors used the website.

This qualitative and quantitative research provided Nudu with a specific blueprint of how to improve the website, with recommendations ranging from copy changes, layout recommendations, content to add, and images to change.

"We had a feeling we would know a lot of what the research would reveal. And when it came to the customer research, what could they possibly say that we don't already know? But the truth is, there is a lot. There were lots of surprises. We learned a lot throughout the process and hearing the customers’ own words, and seeing where they placed the value as opposed to where we placed the value was just super helpful."

- Angela L. North American Manager

"Knowing exactly what our customers relate to was great, and not just for the website, but for the rest our marketing too, like with the newsletters we send out."

Then the website redesign process began.

The Nudu team, feeling like the existing website design did not convey the brand’s feel and value proposition effectively, and due to the numerous UX changes that were recommended to improve the user experience, decided to go ahead with a website redesign.

“SplitBase has a real talent for adding a sleekness to a design, and just giving it that premium feel, which we love. Even the first draft that we received, I loved it, it looked fantastic, and it just got better. We are really happy the results.”

SplitBase began their Redesign Insurance process. An ecommerce redesign service that is based on data from user behaviors, qualitative customer insights, and extensive user testing. This ensures that the new website design is truly built for sales performance, and not only for beauty.

"Finding out what works for the customers, what pulls them in, and what keeps them on the website once they are actually in, was super helpful. Having people come to the site is one thing, but having them actually spend time and making sure that the site is user-friendly, and that they can navigate it easily and convert, that’s really important, and that’s what SplitBase did."

The Results

Up to 191% Increase in Adds to Cart

Since the launch of the new website, redesigned and optimized by SplitBase, Nudu Skincare has seen a significant growth in adds to cart: a 191.14% increase for the mobile website, and a 39.89% increase for the desktop version.

For Angela and her team, who looked to focus on the mobile website due to the larger share of traffic it was getting compared to the desktop version, this growth represented a remarkable win.

As for the luxurious look, and having the design communicate the brand effectively...

“SplitBase is clearly familiar with the luxury space. How the design would communicate our brand value and premium feel was probably one of my biggest concerns in the beginning, but it was not an issue at all. And with the improvements we saw, they get it. We really enjoyed working with SplitBase.”

- Angela L, North American Manager

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