Natural Deodorant Ecommerce Company Increases Conversions by 21% After Website Redesign

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  • Data-Driven Website Redesign Guidance
Primal Pit Paste Redesign Case Study

The Client

Primal Pit Paste (now called Pretty Frank) was born from the founder’s quest to find natural and safe personal care products for her family, that actually work.

Made without any toxic chemicals, aluminum, and fully vegan, Primal Pit Paste works so well that many CrossFit athletes swear by it as their go-to deodorant. Primal Pit Paste’s products can now be found in Whole Foods and Krogers stores across the United States.

The Challenge

Primal Pit Paste’s initial growth came from their ecommerce store. Generating millions annually, it helped them build a solid base of raving fans and gave them the leverage required to penetrate large offline retailers.

September 2016:

The brand decided to migrate their ecommerce platform to Shopify Plus as their growth was stretching the limits of BigCommerce.

A new platform meant an entire website redesign, which can often be risky for conversions (we don't recommend starting from scratch unless you absolutely have to).

Primal Pit Paste had no choice with the platform move, and needed to reduce the risks that come with a new design. They needed a way to ensure the new website would perform as well, if not better.

"We have highly engaged, super passionate fans. It can be challenging because there can be voices pulling from many directions. Who do you talk to most? Which message do you need to shape?" - Primal Pit Paste

The Solution

Primal Pit Paste asked SplitBase for guidance with the redesign

After getting referrals about SplitBase’s work, Primal Pit Paste asked us to help them create a high-converting new website. They wanted us to guide them through the process of redesigning the site in a manner that would almost guarantee (it’s impossible to completely guarantee) an increase in sales.

We began our ecommerce Conversion Research service with these objectives:

  • Identify their core customers, and find out their needs, objections and wants. Why people were buying, and why some were not.
  • Determine the “Voice of Customer” to increase relevancy of their content and marketing
  • Find out the biggest hurdles to increased conversions
  • Identify what on the current (now previous) website was working, and what wasn’t
  • Discover the ideal paths to purchase customers take to buy
  • Pin-point what absolutely had to be in the new design, what to avoid, and the ideal structure of the web pages.

In the end, the Conversion Research became the backbone of the new website. It revealed to Primal Pit Paste how to design their product pages, the required content of each page, and the order in which elements and products should be displayed… and so much more.

"We love working with SplitBase! Their thorough report is incredibly insightful. The data we learned became our go-to resource for guiding our new direction. We had zero dips in conversion rates after re-launching, and we made more sales from day one.

The Results

+21% Increase in Site-Wide Conversions

We guided Primal Pit Paste through a redesign that lead to an instant 21% increase in conversions.

They also received:

  • Deep insights about their customers’ psychology and behaviors that are now being used by the entire marketing team as a guide for new landing pages and PPC campaigns.
  • High-level technical expertise that identified the holes in their funnel, and how to fix them.
  • A comprehensive A/B testing plan for continuous growth.

Primal Pit Paste and SplitBase will continue to work together in order to execute a high-impact conversion optimization & testing program to continue to grow online sales month-over-month.

Working with SplitBase was a no-brainer for me…  Founders can get too tied up with what they want vs. what the customer needs. This slows growth and impact. The Conversion Research is the closest thing to a compass or crystal ball to get your company from where you are now to where you want to be, in the shortest time possible.”

- Vanessa Roberts, COO, Primal Pit Paste

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