How Snow Teeth Whitening Increased ROAS by up to 25% with SplitBase

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Snow Teeth Whitening Case Study

The Client

Snow is a fast-growing DTC oral healthcare brand that aims to bring a whiter smile to millions through its innovative products.

Loved by celebrities such as Floyd Mayweather, Rob Gronkowski, and the Kardashians, Snow reached out to SplitBase to increase website conversions and scale paid acquisition campaigns through landing pages.

The Challenge

Scaling prospecting campaigns by improving ROAS and boosting conversions through landing pages.

The brand’s ambitious growth goals require them to invest significantly in advertising through paid acquisition channels such as Facebook and Instagram, and while their team has focused extensively on optimizing their media buying strategy and ad creatives, they knew they could be achieving even higher ROAS by improving what comes after customers click on their ads: the website and landing pages.

To win, they needed landing pages that would outperform the performance of their homepage, collection pages, product pages, and existing landing pages. Not a small feat, but they trusted that SplitBase would be the right partner for the challenge.

The Solution

The first step of the strategy consisted of following the Testing Trifecta Methodology, by doing quantitative and qualitative research to better understand how paid traffic interacted with Snow.

SplitBase’s conversion research process began with a thorough analysis of Snow’s data in Google Analytics. The goal? To understand which pages and content on the website paid traffic resonated best with, and see what’s been done in the past that worked, and what didn’t.

SplitBase’s team was then able to utilize this data to gain a better understanding of which types of landing pages should be built first.

Next, the challenge was to find which topics to address on the landing page that would resonate best with their paid traffic audiences. In order to determine the content of the landing pages, we had to fully understand what made people buy Snow’s products - the logical and emotional reasons - but also the opposite, like what stopped people from buying from the brand, what are customers’ top concerns, doubts, and needs.

The Testing Trifecta’s research process helped determine the exact content and strategy for the landing pages.

Based on the insights gathered through research, SplitBase decided to start with 2 landing page types: a hero-style landing page, and an advertorial.

The hero-style landing page focused on selling the product in a more traditional manner: highlighting the product’s top benefits, building trust, and explaining why it’s better than the alternatives. The entirety of the content was determined by the initial research and wasn’t addressed on any other pages the brand used, so this page addressed nearly everything we found the customer needed to know in order to feel confident making a purchase.

The advertorial’s goal was to use Snow’s celebrity endorsements to draw attention and build trust. The listicle format of the advertorial, which reads more like an article than a landing page, helps communicate all the key points of the product to the reader, without making them feel like they’re being sold to.

“We were having a hard time scaling our revenue optimization efforts before partnering with SplitBase. Working together quickly resulted in impactful revenue per visitor growth and the confidence to scale our brand into new channels. Their professional approach, reliable communication, and brilliant team make it enjoyable to work together.”

- Josh Elizetxe, Founder & CEO, Snow

The Results

25% ROAS Increase on Prospecting Campaigns

By driving paid traffic, and affiliate traffic to the landing pages conceptualized, designed, and built by SplitBase - instead of their homepage, product page and collection pages…

Snow was able to:

  • Increase ROAS on Facebook campaigns by up to 25% 
  • Increase conversion rate from Affiliate traffic by 23%
  • Add 6 figures in additional monthly revenue 

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