Discover Your Major Conversion Blindspots and Opportunities

A comprehensive audience research process that uncovers exactly what’s holding your site back from growing conversions and sales

Companies who used the Conversion Research Blueprint to increase their ecommerce sales…

Are you trying to figure out why customers aren’t converting? But can’t seem to pin-point the root cause?

Have you tried multiple strategies to grow your conversions, but once implemented, little success followed?

Gut feelings, opinions, brainstorming sessions and copying competitors won’t get you the growth you’re aiming for – your actions will be based on guesses instead of data.

This is why we created the Conversion Research Blueprint. Once complete, you will know exactly what you need to do to increase your website conversions and sales – based on real data.

It creates a precise blueprint to follow for what to change now, and what to A/B test to grow your ecommerce sales.

"The data from the research helped us quickly onboard new marketing partners, shape the refresh of our website messaging, and the targeting of our marketing campaigns. We were also able to address customer needs and objections (which were uncovered by SplitBase.) ”
Nikki S.
Growth, P3

You may think you know a lot about your customers and their needs, and what’s working and not working on your website…

Buckle-up, the Conversion Research will surprise you. Expect close to a hundred conversion blind spots that are hurting your sales to be revealed.

21% Sales Increase for P3 Natural Deodorants

P3 Natural Deodorants was looking to improve their website and redesign it as they were migrating to another ecommerce platform.

They approached SplitBase looking for a blueprint that would show them exactly what to change and how to improve their website in order to make the redesign a success.

Conversion Research Blueprint, became the backbone of their website redesign, and helped them in a sales increase of over 21% – resulting in over a million dollars in additional revenue.

"The Conversion Research is the closest thing to a compass or crystal ball to get your company from where you are now to where you want to be, in the shortest time possible. I highly recommend it”
Vanessa Roberts
COO, P3 Natural Products

Our data-driven research process is based on user behaviors, analytics, and psychology.

The SplitBase conversion method, called the Testing Trifecta, is much more than a collection of tactics. It’s methodical and strategic — and built on data every step of the way.

We cross-check your site with over 300 data points from studies and our test database to understand where you stand.

We dig into your analytics to find conversion opportunities, areas requiring improvement, and understand what’s working, and what’s not.

We’ll use methods such as:

  • Web Analytics 
  • Heatmaps 
  • Scrollmaps 
  • Clickmaps 
  • Eye-tracking 
  • Information Hierarchy

Now that we know where your website stands, where people aren’t converting, what needs improvement, the top conversion opportunities… we launch qualitative research methods such as polls, surveys, user tests and session recordings to understand why customers are buying – and why some aren’t. 

We’ll use methods such as:

  • Website Polls 
  • On-Site Surveys 
  • Chat Support Analysis 
  • Customer Interviews 
  • Customer Surveys 
  • In-Store Interviews with Retail Associates
  • Session Recordings 
  • Usability Testing
“I loved the extremely thorough user insights gathered from the emails and Hotjar surveys. The fact that not only did SplitBase gather the data, but also distilled it down to key points, was extremely helpful and valuable. This lead to changes that increased sales by 26%”
Ben Yu
Founder, Sprayable

What you're going to get: the deliverables

The Google Analytics Audit report, detailing all the configuration changes we made or recommend to increase the accuracy and reliability of your data.

The Conversion Blueprint (actionable and eye-opening insights, no fluff). It includes the results of all the analyses as well as detailed profiles about your customer types and their behaviors. You will know exactly what to do now and next to grow your online sales.

Annotated web pages, where you’ll be able to navigate through your site while visually seeing the changes we recommend in the blueprint.

The Action Sheet, in which we summarize and prioritize all our findings and recommended A/B tests. It’s a roadmap to know exactly what to do first, and next, for the rest of the year and beyond to keep improving your conversions.

On delivery of the above deliverables, we schedule a conference call, or a live presentation where we fully explain the documents and research to you and your team.

What's next after the research?

It’s completely up to you. You can take the research and implement the recommended changes yourself, or we can guide you with the following:

– Creating wireframes (or fully design) elements and pages based on our recommendations.

– Creation of an implementation roadmap with details on implementation and prioritization of our suggestions.

– Continuous optimization, where we prioritize, A/B test, and continuously optimize your website based on the research.

What is the blueprint going to reveal about your customers and your website? What are your lowest hanging fruits to increase revenue? Let's find out.

Now it’s your turn. Fill out the form below so we can talk about how we can help you with conversion optimization and A/B testing to increase your ecommerce revenues.

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