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Leading lifestyle ecommerce brands like Kiehl's and DIFF Eyewear work with us to scale their online sales and conversions fast.

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Alice Millard

"With SplitBase... Our new initiatives are based on research, data and educated insights. We've increased RPU by 18% and site-wide conversions by 26.8%".

- Alice Millard, Haute Hijab

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Vanessa Roberts

"Working with SplitBase is a no-brainer... We should've hired them sooner." Sales increased +21%

- Vanessa Roberts, P3

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Helping DTC brand increase conversions and ROAS with data-driven testing & optimization.

We're a ecommerce conversion optimization agency and we'll make you more money in 3 ways:

Landing Page Design & Optimization

Optimizing your ads is only half the battle. If your ad's post-click experience is a home page, collection page, or product page, you're leaving money on the table. Achieve record-high ROAS with custom landing pages.

Grow With Landing Pages

Website Design

Looking to design or redesign a Shopify store? Designing a beautiful site is one thing. But one that's engineered to increase your AOV, conversions, and sales? That's a whole other ballgame. Good news, that's what we do.

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Full-Site Optimization Program

Convert more website visitors into customers with your existing traffic. We’ll help you reach your sales goals with an extensive site-wide conversion optimization and A/B testing program.

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Selected brands that trust us with increasing their ecommerce conversions:

Case Studies

Haute Hijab Case Study

+26.8% Growth for Haute Hijab

The New York based direct-to-consumer fashion and lifestyle brand approached SplitBase to get a greater understanding their customers behaviors and to create an A/B testing program that would grow their online sales.

DIFF Eyewear Case Study

+55% Conversion Rate Increase
for DIFF Eyewear

After consulting numerous agencies, the DTC eyewear brand chose SplitBase to manage their landing pages, guide their site redesign, and create a CRO program.

Kiehl's Quality Skincare

Kiehl's Quality Skincare

Kiehl's Skincare initially approached SplitBase to optimize their cart and checkout flows. Following a successful first project that resulted in a 7 figure impact, SplitBase's became the brand's go-to conversion optimization agency for customer insights, landing pages, and experimentation.

What clients say about us

Allen Brouwer


Thank god we decided to work with SplitBase before starting our website redesign.

- Allen Brouwer, BestSelf Co
Alice Millard


I truly can't overstate how great a partner SplitBase has been to us and how strongly I recommend them. If you are an ecommerce brand struggling to optimize your store and compete with the big players in the space, SplitBase is the key to your success.

- Alice Milard, Haute Hijab
Abby Walker


I am extremely impressed with SplitBase. They're meticulous, thorough and completely engaged as if they were collecting and analyzing data for their own company. I very highly recommend SplitBase for any ecommerce businesses looking to improve performance."

- Abby Walker, Vivian Lou

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