Landing Pages and A/B Testing to Win at Media Buying


Ashvin Melwani

In the last episode, Ben Sehl of Kotn shared how his company Kotn is using Brick and Mortar stores as a growth strategy. He shares the do's and don'ts, how to calculate ROI on physical stores, as well as plenty of other actionable tips for DTC execs, brand owners, and marketers.

Ashvin Melwani is the co-founder and CMO of supplement company Obvi. Like most DTC brands, the recent changes with Facebook ads have hit them hard, but they managed to emerge from those challenges with quite a bit of success, mostly by focusing on A/B testing and landing pages. In this episode, we discuss how Obvi reduced their Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) by 57% through landing pages and on-site testing, how long it took them to get results from optimization, and Ash's top tips for brands looking to boost ad performance through CRO and landing pages.


Transcription will be available soon

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