Actionable Tips for a Highly Effective Referral Program


Jason Wong

In the last episode, we had a chat with Josh Snow, of popular celeb-backed oral care brand, Snow. We talked about how to successfully do SMS marketing as a DTC brand, what most brands are getting wrong when they're getting into SMS, and how they're doing it at Snow that makes it such a valuable customer acquisition channel for the brand.

Jason Wong is the Founder of Wonghaus Ventures and Doe Lashes, a DTC brand that he managed to scale to millions in just one year. He credits a lot of that growth to their referral program, and that's exactly what we'll talk about in this super actionable episode. Get ready to learn why he thinks most referral programs are a waste, what most brands are doing wrong, and what they've done differently at Doe to make their program one of their most valuable customer acquisition assets.


Transcription will be available soon

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