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How SplitBase Helped Haute Hijab Increase Ecommerce Conversions by 26.8%

Haute Hijab, a New York based direct-to-consumer fashion and lifestyle brand for Muslim women approached SplitBase to get help with understanding their customers and to create an A/B testing program to grow their online sales…

How Wholesome Culture Followed “The Rule of One” to Achieve $1M+/Month In Ecommerce Sales

In the last episode, you heard from Cathryn Lavery who shared with us how she utilized user generated content to increase conversion and grow her company BestSelfCo. to an 8 figure business. In episode #3, Audrey Castonguay founder and CEO of Wholesome Culture, an online store selling clothing and items promoting vegan and environment-related messages,

How to Use User-Generated Content to Disarm Customer Objections (with Cathryn Lavery)

On episode #2 of the Minds of Ecommerce Podcast, Cathryn Lavery, co-founder of BestSelf Co., which she launched in 2015 with her co-founder Allen Brouwer, shares how she utilizes user-generated content to disarm objections, drive engagement, and build an eight-figure eCommerce brand. The following is an edited version of the interview’s transcript. From winning Shopify’s

Scaling an Ecommerce Store to $40M/year by Building Strategic Social Media Assets (with Gary Nealon)

Scaling to $40M/year through “the wagon wheel approach” On the very first episode of Minds of Ecommerce entrepreneur Gary Nealon, founder of RTA Cabinet Store, that he now sold, walked us through a social media strategy that allowed him to scale ecommerce sales to over 40 million dollars a year. That’s quite a feat considering

5 Critical Conversion Essentials For Subscription-Based Ecommerce Stores

The differences between the traditional and subscription model ecommerce stores aren’t huge. At the end of the day, both sell goods online, and should have great pictures and product descriptions – ecommerce basics – to successfully have visitors convert. That being said, does it mean that a subscription-based ecommerce store can copy exactly what a

5 Ways to Optimize Your Beauty Ecommerce Website for More Sales

To become a top beauty ecommerce site, you likely know that not only will you need to focus on traffic acquisition, but focusing on increasing conversion rates in order to convert that traffic into buyers, is equally important. The good news is that to achieve this, the conversion optimization process for beauty and skincare brands


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